Zig-Zag Talk sent to enemies...
2016 : 6 TRIALS => SILENCE!


Unique Cry Provider? = Not even a Providence!
In the Country of the Rising Sun!

A German Kaiser Bow Down!
To the Waves ZP Makes
Forsee a Tsunami!
Even My Father
Fool Proofed!
All Blinded
By Seth

Religious Introverted On going Writing of God Plan:

The month of the 1st bleue Moon
5th January 2018:

Explain(BCC: The Mona Lisa, Nobody)
Dear Real(Mona Lisa)
This is the Real(Stolen Letter)!

21 Jan 2018 : msg, sent but unread...
Explain(The Commet! )
i.e a messenger, in a way...
Your a Rocker! Check out!
How mean this ended up!

7-8 Mars 2018
The month of the 2nd bleue Moon

Explain(To The American In Oxford...,
I'm a legal French Citizen! Tellin'em off!
From the other side of the Channel,
Using his right of INVECTIVE!
Aknowledged Constitutionally!
You are all, a lengendary
contradiction, NOW!)
To the Key "Girl, Interrupting!"
Aladinsane inocent = holy KWEST
with ... this message... in a bottle!
GOD - SOS! got to hear the Clash!
To get where I I try to mean : Crying!

Why the Hell, knowing what you did to me, are you keeping contact with me on linked-in "spying" my carrier moves? A Gobelin, who you were so proud of getting (photo) shot together with me, during your wedding, so you insisted I should get the Picture of what's just a selfish sign of "your successes" there, got on Book of Face (the Network used to put me down!) a puzzling Question to answer. What's the right Legend? here!

And adding this, that Real(Wedding pic...) [showing you with the Princess and your husband triply astonished in a church, taken] from another wedding we've both participated to (I call it, after W. Blake's referencing to his master work "The marriage of Hell and Heaven" ): how will you all feel? with the ANGEL GABRIEL arrow I send to SETH'S UNLUCKY HOMONYMOUS (?) hitting in your triple heart!

Talk! The "Mona Lisa" has understood Cartesian French (= Real(Lu-La-By) fate's!) should all make you doubt!

Explain(Mr Reflect)
Subjet: Favourite expressions

To a friend trying to recontact Aladinsane BUT...
who's facing his Silence, IMPOSED by Pyramid Secrecy
=> Obviously unaware of the reason of His demize!!!

Aladinsane's worked 10 years for an
Evil collborator, working at satisfying
his "Satanic majesty Request"

His favourite expression was:
"Life is a bitch and after you die.."

Aladinesane's favourite Expression was:
"Well, you know... The problem is..."

You know... His office mate!
You'll remember him, from
His favourtie expression!

"This is Evil!"

To write "ill'
on b-day cards...

This is why (speechless since...)
Aladinsane never contacted you...

And waited for the right time
(finish his writing)
and share The Legend,
Correcting Real(this one...!)

between the lines of ages,
dening the world's

Spread the World,
Mouth to Ear!

The Dual mask of Seth,
Works next door to
Our common Friend!

Subjet: Keep Mum with the Dogs
& CONTACT Privately Christ - in
Urgently !!!

Hi Chomsky fan!
Link(God! Holy Legend):
The Judgement Day
Approaches! Ultimate
Christian Prophecy !
Believe 4 God Sake!
It's all comming True!
Below that Iceberg =
Link, that... You see...
People get Above!!!

Guess what's Real in
This glimpse
Of what's Below?!?
Figure out the Type
Of Dogs you follow!
Get convinced Hell
Is what they Sell :

Be faithful to Your
Ideas = Chomsky!

Follow the Subject

"Keep Mum!" as adviced
by the DES-
words many read
in 2012,
during Valentine's day!

Contact Christ - in

Between those lines
The most Secretly:
Bravely Face Heresy! =
Betrayals of Europe
Call me! not the Pope! 

Nobody knows, God!

Our Illusion knows!
It has been warned...

Ages ago!
It got the
Who knows...

And Now! that Illusion
Knows - the Mona Lisa
Our Dream who knows
God hell knows what !!!
The Evil, Stolen Letter!
She guessed its meaning!
No need to contact Rose!
To tell we must oppose!

And change the Mad Result

Of that Illusion who Hid
In a movie plot, how to take
control of the fate of Me: ZP!
Cos It wasn't only Killing me !!!

Orphee heard Mona's Worries!
She Rang the Alarm 2 Change
ZP's Judgement! => Madness,
=> Make it the Fate of Princess!
Who is hiding in Your Fortress !

Christ - in, a Woman God Bless
Her! She'll know who you guess
Contacts you out of that Mess:

The Idea of a Mess... (oh!) Ya!
Oh Yes: the Prophetic Gabriel!

Your Revised
Mad History

Explain(Rose BCC: ILLUSION)
Subjet: The end of *our* Pain!

Dear Rose, who has been hauting my dreams, for so long its not true...
You can put back your Plume & Sailing boat Poems Real(link),
And advantageously replace the Prose by your Poesy!
Because the des-Illusion-al Source of the Pain (cci)
I've guessed in that magnificent but too sad Prose,
Keep it now secretely in between us, Liberated!
And go to see this movie: Angry Indian
Godess! They've lately teamed up
with Angry Egyptian Gods:
And Illusion knows Since,
the Movie Plot
should his Life
Follow! Gods
Protect Us,
Form his

Explain(BCC: The General Major

Subject: Dark waves in SCI-PHI

An anonymous supporter
of sci-phi transparency.

13 Mars 2018 :

Subjet: Dark waves in SCI-PHI


I am ignorant of this one.

16 April 2018 : Late April's Joke...

Surely intentional in his (God) Way!
You missed the meaning of His Msg
Right! Hope you liked the Glimpse!
Animal Grace & Chameleon Dress!
=> The Diamond Cat Disappeared!

If you miss That Kaleidoscopic Vision
He'll hide soon inside a Heart you know
The man writing Chat - Rabia equations!
Source of the Problem! "where do we go?"
Changing Source in Theory = going ill!
Unaware of the fact his Chance is Evil!

First the Idea! ZP = Right All the Time!
ZP = Myth..! in which you're in fact Alice!
Curing Our Bad Love = annoying Memory
Screaming... Like the Star of Betelehm !!!

Now, the "Witness to grace" is kept "ignorant"!
Of Aladinsane you saw! = Touched by Grace!
Proving that the Original Idea Both Witnessed
The Idea of ZP = is Saved, as is: Bibl-io Logic
Understand => (Subject <=> Love) <= Duality

Equation Religion

Dually concluding,

A Echelle

Nouvelle Entente
Franco - Americaine!
Qui vous Salue, Marie!

Now... If it's a Prophecy...
Hope you'll Fight Bravely Heresy!
If it's a SCI-PHI Joke
Hope you'll Praise the Joker!
Complicit of Good Enough,
Famous for his Unique Laugh
Enough to Cut Head of Head
Cutting Kings => Last Scene!

Forget Past Love = Understand new Roots
Of Our Present + Future SC-PHI Exercise
Report the True ZP Expt-Result: Be Wise!
Open your Heart! to all Speakers' doubts!

25 April 2018 :
Warning to some Speakers of a
Legend-ary Doomed meeting...

You've understood I fail to warn Alice...
In the past, not her fault! all were complice!
Of all the greedy empowered Evil beasts...
Now : Take your chance! She is Arround!
Blessed are those getting from ZP a Sign!
You got the Link that flashed in her eyes
Showing the Cat Secret Dual Existence!
Still Alive, Shining! oh Crazy Diamond!
Telling Friends come in, his Rock Dream!
Let what she glimpsed dazzle your eyes!
The Pheonix rebirth of Electric Butterflies!

And blend this, with a Dual Heroic Vision
Inspired by the legendary Lord Of the Rings:
Gobelin, urged 2 share Truth by Bilbon!
The Fake Legend <=>  the dommed Picture
Reality eye openner changing the core Nature
Of the Place where you meet: demystified!
Three days, believe in ZP = guiding Light!
Wake up => Universal Light : Heart Matters!

Take your chance = Talk! Alice is Arround!
If you can't... Check later her ill Bound!
If Alice can't talk to Bob, Theory Collapse!
La Phantome Theorie = le "Mal qui la ronge"!
Demasque par l'Amour <=> Vision Holistique
D'une Quete Ideale  = The Kwest of the Grail!

"THE END" (of the Novel...)